The Moore Company is the market leader for assisting developers in the planning, marketing and selling of their new projects. Whether that’s a multi-unit condominium project or a single-family housing development, we have the tools and experience to deliver positive returns on your investment. We are strategic partners who have a passion for selling the communities you create.

Services we offer to Developers & Builders:

  • Honest market analysis

We analyze what’s going on in our markets to offer insight to developers so they can make the most educated decision possible before investing significantly. We will always give our honest opinions on market activity.

  • Data, not hunches, for informed decisions

We believe data drives the best decisions. We might all start with a hunch, but it’s important to investigate those hunches. Our real estate firm helps developers prove, through intense data analytics, theories about what to build and where to find buyers.

  • Branding and logos

We invite the opportunity to work directly with developers to help brainstorm and cultivate ideas into catchy, marketable brands. Once a brand is established, we work within the developer’s budget to coordinate with graphic designers who will turn the branding idea into visual and tangible products like logos, signage and other printed materials.

  • Design input and choices

We offer developers input on interior design choices and finishes from paint colors to tile backsplashes and everything in between. If asked by the developers, our agents enjoy working through floor plans and neighborhood designs to ensure the creation of attractive and functional housing.

  • In-depth sales and consumer trends

Any agency can provide sales data, but not every agency will develop consumer reports specific for the target area. We’ll tell you who’s likeliest to buy and what sort of product interests them.

  • Target marketing across online platforms

The vast majority of homebuyers are online, and that’s where the bulk of our marketing focuses. We work within the developer’s budget to help create specific targeted advertising across major websites and social media. Every project requires a unique approach, and we’ll help decide which course is best.


Every new development gets its own landing page within our larger website, but we are also able to consult with developers should they choose to build a more expansive and separate website. Depending on the size of the development, it may be prudent for our agency and the developer to create a separate site from the start.

Interested in meeting to discuss your project and learning more?

Contact agency owner Graeme Moore for a confidential consultation at or by calling 803.378.3492.